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Poas Volcano National Park

Classic one-day tour Costa Rica. This will take you on a rural road where you could enjoy the panoramic views. Many picturesque villages and towns, agriculture fields, and dairy farms.

 Poás Volcano is one of the most visited parks in Costa Rica.  We will get to the rim of the main crater to have a closer look at this active Volcano.  Therefore if weather permits, we will be Amaze with Spectacular views of the turquoise color lagoon of its Main Crater.  

The canals where the lava had flown in the past and perhaps even gigantic fumaroles that remind us is an active Volcano.

Volcan Poas Parque Nacional
Parque nacional Volcan Poas

You can combine this tour as full day with:

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

In the vicinity of the Poas Volcano, you could enjoy all the beauty of la Paz Waterfall gardens.   As you walk into a series of secure and well-maintained trails, with its Exotic and native species of plants.  

Enjoy the exhibitions such as Birds, Butterflies, Monkeys, Hummingbirds, Wild Cats, snakes, Nocturnal and poison Frogs, Orchids, Bromeliads.  Their restaurant offers exquisite Typical buffet lunch just to get more energy to do the walk down the mountain.

The walk will allow you to have up-close views from different perspectives of the 5 beautiful waterfalls formed by the La Paz River.   Perfect time for picture taking from many different angles and distances.

La Paz Jardines de cataratas
Jardines de Cataratas La Paz

Arenal Volcano National Park

The spectacular views from the distance offered by this Majestic and still active Volcano since 1968, will amaze you and make you wonder about the incredible force of nature. 

Surrounded by the Forest of its National park and areas that you could walk on the old Lava flows, Arenal is a must-visit place.  La Fortuna Town also offers a wide variety of Tourist attractions, souvenirs, and activities for those who would like to spend and enjoy more days in this area.

Volcan Arenal Parque Nacional
Volcan Arenal Parque nacional

Also could be combined for a full- one day tour with:

Baldí Hot Springs Resort

Visit the famous Baldí Hot Springs Resort.   Its beautiful gardens with volcanically heated mineral water Hot Springs pools will give you the relaxation of enjoying one of our most beautiful hot springs resort.

The steaming springs will soothe you as you look out to the colossus. Enjoy the Sauna, have fun at their slides, or simply relax in the many pools with different temperatures.  Pamper yourself with one of the many Treatments and services at their excellent Spa.


Visita al Volcan Irazu

Considered de highest Volcano of Costa Rica with an altitud of 11260 feet above sea level. As Neil Armstrong called a copy of the Moon surface for its similarity to it when he visit it. Along the trip to the Volcano you will be able to admire the scenict road, the vegetales plantations, the change in the Forest while we drive up to this amazing volcano.

Many products are produce around this Volcano because after the erupción in 1963 all the Fields were covered with volcánico así so fertilice the surronds and makes it so fértil that all farmers started to produce many kind of vegetales, flowers, ornamental plantas and dairy. As part of the trip we will drive down to Cartago City which is the old capital of Costa Rica. Also we will visit the main Basílica in honor of Los Angeles Virgin with an great history about it.

Volcan Irazu Parque Nacional
Volcan Irazu National Park

Also you can combine this tour for a full day with:

Orosi Valley

On the slopes of Cartago City and surrounded by Reventazon River is located Orosi Valley. Very popular trip for its Colonial Church and panorama views along the drive to this Valley. Full of history including the first inhabitado and the Ujarras Ruins. This is a very productive Valley with products such as, hanging squash (chayotes), Coffee, vegetales. Also it has one of the biggest hidroeléctrica dame of the country.

Half day San José City Tour

Enjoy a Half day visit of San Jose City. On this visit we will admire the architecture of some of the old buildings and homes including the impressive National Theater, builded in 1897 it is a real Jewel of architecture. Also be impressed by our Precolombian Gold Museum with a great and rich gold artifacts made by our Indians.

As part of this visit we will drive by the Main Cathedral Church, Central Park, University of Costa Rica which is be biggest one as public education institution, La Sabana Park, our all and first Internacional Ariport.

Typical dinner nights show

Enjoy a increíble View of The Valley from this restaurant. As part of the program there will be tipycal dances, Marimba music, and a great variety of typical food that you will enjoy while they perfom our music and dances.

One day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica on a one day trip. While we drive to Manuel Antonio National Park you will admire the scenary. Once at the Park you will walk to the Beach and along the walk you will be able to los for monkeys such as White face, Howler or Squirrel ones, Sloths, Toucans and many other varieties of wildlife that live on the area.

It projects primar y and secundar Forest, man grows, and marine Life. is one of the few hábitats for the Squirrel monkeys as it is a danger of extension. Sloths, iguanas raccoons, coatíes are often seeing on the Beach.

Manuel Antonio Parque Nacional
Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

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