Why Travel to Costa Rica?

Travel to Costa Rica

  • Travel to Costa Rica? You will understand, why we are one of the happiest countries in the world.  
  • Travel to Costa Rica, considered one of the oldest democracies in Latin America.
  • Our safe environment for investment and travel makes it a well steadiest economy in the area.
  • The most important action was done by the Government in 1948, we abolish the army.
  • Because of this great decision, we destinate the money into education and health.
  • A very important action, we declare our Country neutral so not involved in conflicts since 1983.
  • The former President Oscar Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987.
  • Strategically located just a few hours flights from North & South America’s main airports.
  • With daily flights from major cities in the US., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Toronto, Mexico, Panama, South & Central America among flights from Madrid, England, Frankfurt.
Travel to Costa Rica
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  • Travel to Costa Rica? Blessed with 6 % of the world’s biodiversity in such a small country
  • Costa Rica’s National Parks System protects 26% of its whole territory.
  • The Osa Peninsula, named by National Geography as the Most Biologically Intense Place on Earth.
  • Being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire with 7 active volcanoes.
  • The Poas Volcano it is considered one of the biggest craters in the world, with the opportunity to walk to the top of its crater.
  • Our coastline on the Caribbean is 212 km and 1016 km of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.  That creates a series of a wide variety of beautiful beaches, bays, and gulfs for your enjoyment.
  • Enjoy a trip to our highest peak, the Chirripo mountain with 3.821,25 (12.537 feet) a great National Park to visit.
  • Tropical Climate all year round.
  • We have a great road system, that allows you to get to the main tourist destinations on a paved.
Parque Nacional Volcan Poas
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