Can we pay with credit cards or cash $ in Costa Rica?

Yes , many places accepts credit cards and cash $ but some do not accept bills of $100.00 for you to know

Are the roads in Costa Rica to tourist destinations paved or gravel?

No, most of the roads to major tourist destinations are paved, only a few are gravel roads.

Most of them are two lanes and many of the tourist destinations have signs to get there.

Are the main tourist destinations have signed on to get there?

Yes, all of them have good signs on the road.

In the last years the central government and the communities together have worked hard to set them up for everyone that wants to visit these destinations.

FAQ´s About Costa Rica

If we rent a car can we pay with a credit card or cash at gas stations?

Right, you could do it, we recommend you to pay with credit cards, sometimes the gas stations have different exchange rates that will not benefit you.

What is the driving time between the main tourist destinations?

Generally, it takes between 3 to 4 hours to drive from one tourist destination to another one.

For example from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, San Jose to Monteverde, or to Arenal each way.

Are Pets allowed in your transportation services?

Sure, we love pets, not a problem. travel with them and we will be sure to make them feel happy and comfortable.

Tips in Costa Rica

Tips are welcome in all tourist services.

At restaurants, the 10% service is included on the bill, but if your waiters were very nice and provide you an excellent service you can give a tip directly to him or her.

Should we tip the drivers and guides?

Regarding Tipping, it is a personal feel, if you have received a great tour or drive between destinations it is ok to give a tip based on the quality of the services, we think that from $10.00 up will be right.

Can we be pick up at the main airports in Costa Rica?

Correct, we can pick you up at the two main International Airports of our country. We will need just your flight information and our representative will be there with a sign under your name.

If we stay in San Jose can we take one day tours?

Right, there are many one-day tours that start from San Jose such as Poas Volcano, Coffee Tours, Irazu Volcano, Arenal Volcano, Zipline ( canopy), Manuel Antonio, Rafting trip, Aerial Tram ride, Jaco Beach.

Is there an airport tax

No, airport taxi is now included on the ticket, all airlines included after an agreement with the government and the tourism Ministry.

What are the Costa Rica requirements to visit based on COVID 19?

You have to present insurance that covers you in case you have been diagnosed with a positive test on COVID before you leave the country.

In order to leave the country you have to present a negative test with no more than 24 hours.

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