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Costa Rica is famous around the world for its fascinating biodiversity and its friendly people. If you are thinking of visiting our country and really want to enjoy your trip, Coach Costa Rica gives you the best opportunity to discover our wonders in safety and comfort, traveling with a company fully dedicated to private and personalized service.

Coach Costa Rica is a professional company that provides modern, air-conditioned vans, mini buses and 4WD vehicles, all of them including the service of a bilingual guide driving for you and your family at no additional cost.

For those of you who have never experienced the opportunity of having a guide's interpretation along a trail or on a drive through an exotic jungle, you have no idea of what you have missed!

Coach Costa Rica also gives you the opportunity of learning with our guide while he takes you to the amazing places we have in Costa Rica and shares his knowledge with you.

The car and guide will be assigned exclusively to you and your group and will remain at your disposal at all times and for any need.

Additional Services and Information :

In addition to all the comforts you can expect, our coaches are fitted with a telephone for emergencies. We also provide baby seats and coolers for passengers to travel in safety and comfort.

Coach Costa Rica can also help you with hotel reservations, domestic flights, and fishing tours.

Travel tips:

When travelling to Costa Rica for adventure and ecological tourism make sure to bring:

  • One good flashlight, normal size. (This is a MUST)
  • Locks for all parts of your pack. (Another MUST)
  • One pair of hiking shoes, one pair of tennis shoes, sport sandals for water
  • Two short sleeve, quick-dry shirts with lots of pockets.
  • One quick-dry long sleeve shirt, one pair quick-dry long pants (may be used for dress occasions as well as jungle hikes)
  • One pair of shorts with pockets
  • Bathing suits
  • Ladies: A dress for special occasions
  • Four pairs of quick dry socks (white cotton tube socks do not dry overnight!)
  • One large REI type pack towel
  • Gortex rain coat
  • A photocopy of your passport's front page (the one that identifies you as the holder)
  • Your airline ticket and your credit card number + phone number to call in case of loss
  • Traveler checks optional
  • Camera + film (400 ASA) and desiccants(silica gel)
  • Binoculars
  • Collapsible water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Pen and post card list
  • Pocket calculator ( to make currency calculations from colones to dollars)
  • All-purpose liquid travel soap laundry cord
  • Zip lock bags, etc.


I was in Costa Rica for two weeks with a group of women friends (7 first week, 4 the second) during March 2008. Found Coast Costa Rica on the web and hired them for a total of 8 days during the two weeks. Lucky us! We had all of their drivers for from 1 to 4 days




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